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Tawanda Usher has always had a passion and energy for impacting the lives of others. A lifelong Houstonian, Tawanda worked for over a decade as a Flight Attendant and attended Houston School of Business and Real Estate. She obtained several credentials to accommodate various ministry pursuits.  For over 20 years, she has been married to Bishop E. L. Usher, the Senior Pastor and Founder of Greater Grace Houston where she serves as Co-Pastor.  

"Trusting the process is not always knowing where you are going, but knowing that God is leading you and navigating the blueprint of your life."

- Tawanda La'Shun Usher


As a wife and mother, Tawanda is an inspiration and example to women who are balancing responsibilities both inside and outside the home.  Tawanda Usher is the founder and CEO of Next Level Beautiful, a non-profit organization committed to education, ministry and change. She is a Certified Life Coach, with more than a decade of mentoring, teaching and counseling. She is committed to empowering women and taking their dreams and visions into the Next Level. 

"God is changing your story! It doesn't matter how it started, how it's going, or how it is! What matters most is knowing your story is changing. God has a future and a hope to prosper you."

- Tawanda La'Shun Usher


Pastor Tawanda is devoted to imparting and impacting the lives of  women from all walks of life. Her passion and commitment has led her to write several books, training modules and operational manuals for ministries and marketplace. She continues to share the message of transformation throughout the world.

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